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Exclusive Book Boxes

Book boxes dedicated to the completed duet or series from your favorite authors.

All exclusive book boxes will include 

  • A completed duet or full series

  • 3-5 exclusive bookish merch inspired by the books

  • + Paper Swags 


Criminal Underground Duet

In collaboration with Lucy Smoke & A.J. Macey

This box includes signed Exclusive Edition Hardcovers of the complete duet, 2-3 exclusive bookish merch inspired by the duet, and paper swag.


  • Sweet Possession - Book 1

  • Scarlett Thief - Book 2

St. Mary's Rebels Series

In collaboration with USA Today Bestselling Author Saffron A. Kent

This box includes all 5 signed bookplated paperbacks with matching exclusive covers, 6-8 pieces of exclusive bookish merch inspired by the books, and paper swag.

  • 🧡 My Darling Arrow - Book 1

  • 💙 A Gorgeous Villain - Book 2

  • 💘 These Thorn Kisses - Book 3

  • 💜 Hey, Mister Marshall - Book 4

  • 💝 The Hatesick Diaries - Book 5

*The first 50 readers will receive an exclusive St. Mary's Rebels tumbler

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