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Exclusive Book Boxes

Book boxes dedicated to the completed duet or series from your favorite authors.

All exclusive book boxes will include 

  • A completed duet or full series

  • 3-5 exclusive bookish merch inspired by the books

  • + Paper Swags 

Promised In Blood Series Promo Graphic.png

Promised In Blood Series

In collaboration with
Lilith Vincent

This box includes signed bookplate Special Edition paperbacks of the complete series, 2-4 exclusive bookish merch inspired by the series, and paper swag.


  • Second Comes War - Book 2

  • Third Comes Vengeance - Book 3

First Comes Blood - Book 1 is offered as an add on.

The Savage Love Duet

In collaboration with Dana K.

This box includes signed paperbacks with matching exclusive covers, 2-4 pieces of exclusive bookish merch inspired by the books, and paper swag.

  • You Broke Me First - Book 1 

  • You Loved Me First - Book 2

The Savage Love Promo Graphic.png
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