Themed Book Crates

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How we work

Choose the themed book crate that you would like. The books in each box will be titles under that genre. Themed crates available for monthly subscription:

Rainbow Romance Book Crate

Mini Rainbow Romance Book Crate


My Reverse Harem Book Crate

Mini My Reverse Harem Book Crate

Each book crates comes filled with

  • 3 Signed or Signed bookplate paperbacks

(with 2 of the covers being exclusive or special edition)

  • 3 Exclusively handmade bookish merch specific to the books, authors, or genre.

  • Paper Swag

We now offer subscription mini book crates that replicates the big subscription book crates. These boxes will include

  • 3 Signed or signed bookplate paperbacks 

(with 2 of the covers being exclusive or special edition)

  • Paper Swag



Select whether you would like to subscribe monthly or purchase a one-time crate.

Our boxes are a pre order that starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the last day of the month (30th/31st). 


Book Mail!

Shipping for our boxes start on or after the 25th of each month. You will receive tracking information in an email when shipping has begun. After your box arrive, take photos, post on instagram, share the news, and enjoy!