What is it like to be both Muslim and gay? Honestly? It feels like I've been cursed for all eternity. And then I had to go and fall for Asher Hannes and make it even more complicated.

Not only was he a guy, he happened to be my cocky and rebellious stepbrother who became the reason I began to get in trouble for things that weren't even my fault.

Just seven months of his mother having married my dad, seven months of living under the same roof with him and sometimes even sharing the same bed and I already knew I was going to hell. Because I couldn't keep fighting who I was around him. I couldn't keep ignoring how I felt.

Wanting him was wrong. I never intended to cross any lines. But he made me do it anyway.

Note: This is a high school romance but with 18+ content. It does contain controversial themes relating to religion and homophobia but overall, it's a feel-good love story.


Categories: M/M, LGBTQ, Contemporary, Interracial Romance

He Made Me Do It by Z. S. Storm - Signed Bookplate

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