How can one word change the fate of my entire existence?


After the accident which claimed my father’s life, my mother urges me on her dying breath, to run as far and fast as I possibly could.


I never even questioned it, propelling myself forward from some unseen danger which had her so terrified for my safety.


I never could have imagined where I ended up though.


Frightened and alone, I stumble onto a community of people who are living in hiding, because if they are caught, the penalty is worse than death.


The Elementals.

They also claim I am now one of them. But how could I be? All I’ve ever known is a small town existence. Not this… secrecy, deception and powers.


I find myself at the focus of three intensely different men who either want to help me, or treat me like their newest pet as I navigate my way through this new world I’ve been thrust into.


But, things aren’t as they seem.


There’s a darkness looming closer in the form of a corrupted Director from a science facility who’s desperate to catch me, and use me for his own purposes.


As the pressure mounts, I must learn all about the Elementals, find out which powers I have, or end up killed in the process.


Categories: Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance

Fate (Hidden Elements Series) by Isabella Phoenix - Signed Bookplate